Customized scent systems


Large and mini scent systems for all sorts of projects and use, such as:

- Art Galleries, VR and installations

​- 4D and 360° visual experiences

- Hotels, homes, offices and retail
- Healthcare, daycare, schools
- Casinos and entertainment
- Spas, wellness and sport

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What do your customers smell when they walk into your hotel, store, or office?
We often hear or read reviews with complains about negative smells, this can damage your company or brand. Scent marketing is a powerful tool that can increase sales, customer satisfaction, perception and boosts your brand or product.

With the right smells, it also makes your customer and staff focus better, increase productivity, reduce mistakes and removes negative odors that can reduce sick days for your staff.
Studies show that up to 75% of our daily emotions are affected by our sense of smell and it works unconsciously as we are not able to turn it off. Dr. Alan Hirsh and many others did research on scent marketing. For example it was shown that casinos scenting the environment saw their revenue increase by 45%. Also retailers find that customers purchase more, overall satisfaction increases and customers shop longer when the environment is scented.
Curious what smell would be suited for your establishment, brand or product?
Let us help you with the right smells, techniques and strategies.

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Smell has a huge impact on everything: how we feel,our behavior, our perception and overall health.
Recent studies claim that with warm scents, such as vanilla and cinnamon people buy more (study)
Hospitality, retail, offices, healthcare and casinos use scent-marketing more and more.
Also it is proven that smell can alter moods and creates memories, now also psychologist are very interested and use it as “anchoring”.

People inhaling the right natural aromas make fewer mistakes, focus more effectively, concentrate better and are able to learn more than people who are in an environment where there is an absence of smell. Once the small volatile molecules of scent have reached the olfactory bulb, they stimulate nerve impulses that travel right into the brain. We call this the “nose to brain route” (study).

New research has revealed that there is a direct connection between the brain and the immune system, meaning that inhaled therapeutic grade essential oils could also have effects on our immune system (study).

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When you know the purpose and intention of your project, a scent can be designed that will communicate and express it. You will receive samples with different interpretations.

You can choose your favorite scent and the production phase will take place for use in a suitable scent system.

- Any theme or ambiance can be created

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Specializing in multi-sensory experiences and timing the corresponding odor perceptions to visuals and sound.

With the use of DMX and Relay timing tools the chosen scent is diffused through a dry diffusion to protect delicate artworks. Also calculations of the volatile aromatics are made and the technical specs of the environment and project are taken into account in order to trigger the right perception and evaporation times.

Scent systems are customized to the needs of your project and can be also integrated in artworks and decor. Solutions for any area size indoor and outdoor projects with possibility for wet diffusion and fog systems for additional atmospheric scent-sation.


Some people get motion sickness when using VR... 

It has been proven that certain scents can reduce and eliminate this phenomena which is great for demo introductions, high thrilled VR rated experiences. Also a unique multi sensory experience can be created and timed integration possible in VR-backpacks with mini scent systems.


Are you on a low budget or want to help the environment?

​Jarome also builds scent systems and diffusers out of broken and recycled materials.


Engineering various scent solutions.

Battery and USB operated or non electronic diffuse techniques.


Artistic scent diffusers made by Jarome.

For presentation and experience of a scent in unique forms.

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