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The Power of Smell

Smell has a huge impact on everything: how we feel, our behavior, our perception and overall health. Recent studies claim that with warm scents, such as vanilla and cinnamon people buy more (source). Hospitality, retail, offices, healthcare and casinos use scent-marketing more and more. Also it is proven that smell can alter moods and creates memories, not only I know but psychologist are now also very interested and use it as “anchoring”.

People inhaling the right natural essential oils make fewer mistakes, focus more effectively, concentrate better and are able to learn more than people who are in an environment where there is an absence of smell. Once the small volatile molecules of scent have reached the olfactory bulb, they stimulate nerve impulses that travel right into the brain. Scientists call this the “nose to brain route” (source).

New research has revealed that there is a direct connection between the brain and the immune system, meaning that inhaled therapeutic grade essential oils could also have effects on our immune system (source).