Aroma Jockey

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              ​​​A DJ For The Nose

A disc jockey (DJ) pleases the ears.

 A video jockey (VJ) pleases the eyes.

And now enjoy an aroma jockey (AJ) that pleases your nose!

Explore your senses while AJ Jarome mixes live natural scents that correspond to the music, visuals or theme of your event. With the use of different diffuse techniques the odour intensity is controlled and no synthetics are used, just gentle whiffs of delicious top grade essential oils, floral waters, herbs and anything natural that can create a scent and will suit the moment, emotion and place.

​Party like you never partied before with the right aromas creating a positive ambiance

Smell the Music

Imagine smelling your favorite music...

  • You're dancing, meditating or just listening to music and suddenly a gentle whiff of lime appears, some relaxing vanilla in the lounge area or get uplifted on the dance floor by fresh peppermint and other exciting feel-good aromas.
  • Is the song or theme about a forest? Then experience a wonderful journey through a forest, with smells of fresh oakmoss, pine, cedar and other corresponding aromas.  

With a collection of over 300 different essential oils and other natural materials, 

AJ Jarome translates any theme or emotion into smell.

Where to Smell the Music

Contact now and enjoy the new scent-sation at your event or party -- indoor or outdoor, no matter where you are! Besides an astonishing sensory experience, smelling the music is safe for children and unpleasant smells at your venue are eliminated.


  • Events: festivals, concerts, meditations, workouts

  • Parties: clubs, weddings, birthdays

  • Shows: fashion, exhibits, theater, museums

  • Lounges: bars, venues, spas, hotels