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Experience a spiritual journey while AJ Jarome mixes therapeutic grade essential oils during your meditation, Yoga session or workout.

Chakra meditation: Open, clean, rebalance and ground yourself with spiritual aromas that have been used for centuries by many cultures and religions.

Guided meditations: Relax! You could be smelling forests and places, (depending on the themes) that will guide you to inner peace.

Earth, Wind, Fire and Water meditation: Get connected with higher energies by smelling mother Earth, the Wind, Fire and Water.

Power meditation: Recharge, unwind and regain your power with energetic and positive aromas!

- New! Laughter Yoga: Amplified with happy smells.

contact if you desire a custom meditation or wish to have a diffuser blend for your own meditation. It is also possible to purify your space before meditation or remove unpleasant odours from your environment.