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Smell sells
Did you ever wonder what your customers smell, when they walk into your hotel, store, or office?

We often hear or read reviews with complains about negative smells, this can damage your company or brand. Scent marketing is a powerful tool that can increase sales, customer satisfaction, perception, boost your brand, product or your business environment. With the right smells, it also makes your customer and staff focus better, increase productivity, reduce mistakes and remove negative odors which is not only important to eliminate negative publicity, but also for our wellbeing, helping to reduce sick days for your staff.

Studies show that up to 75% of our daily emotions are affected by our sense of smell and it works unconsciously as we are not able to turn it off. Dr. Alan Hirsh and many others did research on scent marketing. For example it was shown that casinos scenting the environment saw their revenue increase by 45%. Also retailers find that customers purchase more, overall satisfaction increases and customers shop longer when the environment is scented.

AJ Jarome also has unique scent machines available that can be remotely controlled from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Curious what smells would be suited for your enterprise, brand or product?
Let me help you with the right smells, techniques and strategies.

-    Hotels, homes, offices
-    Shops, stores and other retail
-    Buildings and properties
-    Food and beverage industry
-    Healthcare, daycare, schools
-    Casinos and entertainment
-    Spas, wellness and sport

Bad smells
Organizing an event and the area smells of fungus, smoke, sewers or other unpleasant smells? AJ Jarome has the solutions and can help you create a positive and pleasant environment for you and your guests. Scent your business and let smell work for you!