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All ages can enjoy this new form of entertainment, also pregnant woman and guests with allergies. Entertainment is done by professional perfumer who masters the behavior and perception of volatile molecules. With more than 100 events on his name he always carefully selects the best natural aromas. Controls the odor intensity and the concentration is calculated on surroundings and molecular properties. No slippery dance floor and valuable artworks do not get damaged due to dry diffusion. Wet diffusion upon request for outdoor and atmospheric events.

- Unique and trendy entertainment

- Positive feel good aroma-therapeutic benefits

- Negative smells are covered or eliminated

- Professional and Quality assured


Around 80 percent of the flavors we taste come from what we smell therefore also naturally enhancing the vibes and the beautiful aromas on menus. Also enhancing drink experiences, such as cocktails, beer and wine tastings. Impress your guests during corporate or experimental dinner events.

- Unique Mixology experiences (drinks)

- Molecular gastronomy (foods)

- Design and creation add-ons for various tastings


Imagine smelling your favorite music...

Chill, meditate or dance the night away in a multi-sensory journey. With timed whiffs off fresh and uplifting aromas on the dance floor, corresponding to the beat and vibes.

Get indulged with some relaxing aromas in the lounge and welcoming area or meditate with sound and scent therapy.

- Sound and smell are invisible and evoke emotions​

- Sound and smell have notes and travel through air

- All sound and music genres have a smell identity

Collection of over 300 different essential oils and other natural aromatics to choose from

​​​AROMA JOCKEY JAROME                                                               EN / FR

A perfumer and olfactory artist that artfully mixes and integrates the most pleasing scents to create any kind of ambiance or experience...

- Live entertainment that also stimulates health and well-being

- Online experiences (FLIGHT 19)

- Scent systems and mapping to sound and visuals

- Perfumes and workshops

​- Event add-ons

- Scented arts and solutions to improve life


Accommodating any type of event, indoors and outdoors with a cool or warm seasonal breeze at:

- Festivals and concerts

- Corporate and business events

- Weddings and parties

- Grand openings and VR experiences

- Shows and Fashion

- Meditations and well-being

- Experimental and multi-sensory projects

- Outdoor example


A disc jockey (DJ) pleases the ears.

A video jockey (VJ) pleases the eyes.
Now enjoy the aroma jockey (AJ) that pleases your nose!

Explore your senses while AJ Jarome mixes live natural aromas that correspond to the music, visuals or theme.

Like a DJ does with sound, the AJ controls and communicates with scent. With knowledge and use of different techniques he:

- Controls the odor intensity (not overpowering)

- Blends the right aromatic notes and accords

- Times the perception of the scent

- Is able to fade in and out single and the mixed aromatics


Also offering various visual set-up themes for an ultimate sensory experience with special atmospheric effects, such as fog, dry vapor, scented bubbles, ...

Depending on set-up, guests can also interact with the AJ and learn more about smell or request there favorite scent. Theme examples:

- Ocean ambiance

- Walk in a forest 

- Tropics

- Zen

- Industrial electronic

- Business

- Laboratory

- Romance and many more...

- Media example


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