Online meetings can become long and boring. 
Bringing scents to your meeting gives your audience a unique innovative experience with room for new creations.
Also higher productivity and engagement is proven to be delivered when people smell certain aromas.
It also stimulates well-being, creativity, helps networking, and it can improve sales.

Customized packages to the needs of your meeting are presented through Scratch and Sniff cards, or through reusable medium.
These will be sent through post, which gives a professional impression and gift.

Out of your meeting, and would like to be entertained by an Odorama?
A short Movie experience of 30 min where you smell what you see.
Unique Scratch-and-Sniff cards are sent to participants containing 8 corresponding aromas.
2 relaxing, 2 uplifting, 2 dirty and 2 unexpected aromas that will take your movie experience to another level.
Any visual footage can be enhanced with smell, giving options for your favorite movie or other projects.

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Travel with Smell

Ever wanted to walk through the streets of Italy, go on a Safari, or revisit your favorite tropical Island?
Sadly, COVID-19 also stopped holiday travels for many, or for some it may have always been a dream to travel.

Communicating with scent for more than 15 years, Jarome offers a unique online scent-sory experience to travel to your favorite destination, using the sense of smell enhanced with matching audio and visuals.

Come aboard for a little preview example, where we have chosen to travel to a tropical Island.
...You hear your Captain speaking that you have landed safely and he gives you information on your destination.
Sound and visuals will take your journey further and your Captain tells you to smell Aroma 1.
You take a whiff, and ahh… you smell the ocean with some hints of palm trees and seaweed, accompanied with the sound of the waves. You soak it in for a while and feel all the stress disappear…
Visuals take you further over white sandy beaches, sound lowers and your Captain mentions Aroma 2.
Smelling fresh juicy pineapples and creamy coconuts as you see your Pina Colada being served.
Festive feel-good vibes flow when you suddenly hear sweet reggae music and smell a delightful smoky BBQ aroma, with jerk spices roasting slowly on pimento wood in Aroma 3. Your Jamaican tour continues...

Where would you like to go? 
Contact to book your flight, it's possible to visit all destinations.

Aromatic meditations

Jarome loves to meditate, and noticed that smell is rarely the focus of meditation. 
It’s mostly used to create an ambiance to bring the person in a meditative state or help concentrate on things like breathing.

In this guided meditation, we will put the focus on smell and deeply connect with this magical sense.
Giving freedom for exploration to visualize and listen to the scent.
Evoking well-being for the mind, body and soul though a unique scent-sory journey.
Also tips are given on how to use scent as a tool to promote spiritual healing and balancing the chakras.

No meditation experience needed.

​Contact to book this Scent-sory journey

Smell Training

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Train your Nose and Smell the Wonders

Online entertainment to help us through these COVID times.

- Travel with Smell: Travel to your favorite destination, using the sense of smell enhanced with matching audio and visuals.

​- Aromatic meditations: A scent-sory journey enhancing well-being.

- Games for the Nose:  An aromatic gaming adventure with challenging Trivia questions and fun activities.

- Smell-the-Vision: Smell what you see with Scratch-and-Sniff cards.

- Wine tastings: Learn to smell the aromas found in wine.

​- Classic online Perfume: Learn about perfumes.

For more info on packages see below or simply contact.

All experiences are in English and français.

Online wine tastings

Test a variety of wines and receive the aromas that correspond with the wines.

Contact for more info on packages.

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Games for the Nose

In this activity outing, your sniffing skills will be trained and put to the test in a fun and very playful way.
Depending on the amount of participants, teams will be created, making this also perfect for team building events.
Scores are monitored and prizes can be won for results and participation.

Take part in an aromatic gaming adventure with challenging Trivia questions and fun activities:

-Race against the clock with other participants and search for aromatic items that are found in your house...

-Questions like, who can smell better, a woman or a man? And who or what is parosmia? 

-Myths and facts
-What's that smell?
-The language of scent 
-What's your smell identity? And more smelly stuff will awake you in this Quiz.

Also tips and tools will be given for when an Olfactory dysfunction is experienced due to COVID-19 making this experience a gift of its own.

Contact to book this adventure.

Our Sense of Smell gained a lot of attention due to COVID-19, as you may have heard or experienced the majority of patients also get some sort of dysfunction in their sense of smell. When having problems with smell, you will most likely also have a problem with taste.

There are many forms of dysfunctions in our sense of smell:
- Anosmia: Complete loss of smell.
- Hyposmia: Can only detect a reduced amount of odors.
- Parosmia: Your sense of smell is mixed up and often perceives odors as very unpleasant.
- Phantosmia: Experiencing odors that are not there.

Even after recovering from the virus, this dysfunction can persist for a period of time with no real medication to rapidly recover.
Many professionals who work with smell everyday have seen positive results with smell training.
Just to address that we were not born as Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (perfume movie) we had to train hard🙂
So smell training is definitely worth trying, and the sooner you start, the better.

Also several studies have been done with Rose, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Clove essential oils giving positive results.
In my opinion it does not really matter which essential oils you use as there is also no proof that these specific oils work.
For example: a true essential rose oil is also very expensive and there are many different types of roses, harvests and origin giving all different chemical compounds in the oil itself.
I do suggest choosing different types, so not all fruits, different examples you can try: Orange, Lavender, Mint, Anise,...

In my experience, trying to identify the odors is of more importance.
Choose smells that you liked and are familiar with and buy these in the form of essential oils.

You can buy essential oils anywhere online, local pharmacy or even better through non-profit smell loss help groups, profit goes to good use.

Price and quality do not matter for this purpose.
If you are on a budget, you can try aromatic items in your house, perfumes, herbs or fruits, example rub the peel of an orange in your hands and try to remember the smell.

Smell for example 2x a day with 4 different aromas and change these over a period of time.

Try to remember the aromas and how they made you feel.

When eating, focus on the basic flavors, sweet, bitter, sour, salty or umami and the sensation that came with it.

Always consult a doctor when experiencing some sort of Olfactory dysfunction.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact and we will gladly help you in the right direction.