Test and educate the nose with games or themed experiences that are customized to your event.

As of previous Anosmia and Alzheimer projects, Jarome created olfactory memory games and discovered that it is also a great add-on for events. Educate the nose in a fun and playful way or smell a specific theme or story. The fragrances are nicely captured in special designed smelling cups, scent boxes or touch and smell systems.

- With or without animation

- Scent lasts more than 6 months in most of the add-ons and can be easily refilled for another 6 months


As many of his friends are professional painters, he got the idea of mixing paint with scent. After trial and error he finally formulated a good acrylic scented paint. With a good drying time, smooth, does not crack if layered and has a lasting scent once applied on the artwork for up to 3 months. Single aromas in each paint for optimal experience and once all applied they create 1 pleasing perfume or a themed scent. The paints are also safe for body painting and are easily washed away. Great for multi sensory art projects and makes your event smell good.

- Any scent with color can be formulated

- Also scented glow and body paints

- Event packages and paints can be purchased here


Event add-ons


Enrich your sense of smell and experience the magic of your olfaction! At our perfume party workshops, you and your guests are the creators of your own organic perfume. You discover what fragrance suits your personality, fashion style or music preference! You will be introduced to a variety of essential oils and how they are made, explore the olfactory families and learn how to make an accord by using top, middle and base notes. There will also be a fun game to see if you can guess what you are smelling. Finally, you are free to follow your own imagination and design your very own personalized perfume and label it with your name or company brand.
Impress your friends, family or colleagues and have a fun educative workshop that will always be remembered.

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Perfumes and tactical fragrances

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Take a sensory trip to another country or have your emotions evoked.

Raising awareness, educating and creating sensory journeys through installations and exhibitions.

- Gallery build up and design

​- Collaborations

​- Communicating with scent through Installations​​


We often overlook our sense of smell and forget to educate that smell plays a bigger part in our perception than we give it credit for. Jarome is committed to bring this to the attention of our children and help educate their noses at schools, libraries, events, etc...
Children get introduced with smell and how it works and need to answer questions about our sense of smell. After that they get instructed on how to paint with smell and they try to guess what color had what smell.

- Paint is on water base and can be easily washed out

- Paint can also be used as finger painting

​- Artworks with lasting scent can be taken home or hung to scent the area​​


Connect with your senses and explore new scent-sations. Various experimental workshops for the whole family. Make a discovery smell book, paint in the dark and create your unseen art, or contact for more experimental workshop options.


Jarome is always looking for new ways to integrate smell and aromatherapy into daily life and delivers original design to every project. Recognized perfumer and Olfactory artist by international and Canadian Council for the arts. With more than 15 years of experience in multi-sensory design, quality and professionalism can be counted on with the latest technology and research applied.


Specializing in fragrances to evoke emotions and memories. Using special extraction techniques everything can be translated and given an interpretation. A railway track, wines, the smell of mud, old books, metal, sex, fear,...

Great for installations, galleries and museums, actors and people that want to re-live a memory, training and educational purposes,...

- Everything has a smell identity

- Formulated also for Scent systems

​- Olfactometer and GC-MS techniques for specialty projects

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Creating helping tools for people with disabilities.

Smell-O-Memory for people with Alzheimer, translating music for the deaf, multi-sensorial aroma therapy for illness and recovery. Also teaching blind people to use scent as location indicators with documentation in braille and enjoy art with his aroma paints. As most artworks are only visual it has no purpose for people with vision loss. Now we can for example smell the forest when the paints are customized to that theme (oakmoss, pine, cedars, firs...) and the artwork diffuses and communicates through 2 senses. The scent is gently perceived once sniffed on and if a wind effect is created on the artwork, for example a person walks by or a draft. Also created techniques to make the scent last even longer on the canvas by integrating scented pads, so the scent can be easily refilled and enjoyed long after.Media example!


Be a rock star and have your own organic fragrance made.

​Or have a cocktail experience designed where you and your guests can try different perfumes that can be mixed and layered with each other, great for parties, welcoming areas and restrooms.

- Help nature as products are free from synthetic chemicals

- Scientifically proven that 100% botanical fragrances stimulate health and well-being

- Your exclusive perfume formula kept in database

- All products can be labeled with your name or brand

- Contact for your perfume, "Cocktail" perfume bars and pricing for large amounts


Choose your Scent with Team-building
Providing also educative aromatic Team building activities, with the possibility that your staff votes at the same time which scent(s) to use for your establishment, project or next event. Interpretation samples are exclusively made that correspond to the theme or the intention of your project. These aromatic samples are playfully presented in his formulated Aroma paints with interactive games and tests, helping you choose in a fun rewarding and team bonding activity which scent(s) will be used to enhance the experience.

- Contactfor more team-building packages and info
- All workshops in English, French, Dutch or German


Created these scented Sniffers to communicate, educate, innovate or simply hung in and display your nose jewelry.
Scent does not overpower and can be hanged next to other noses with an optional different customized scent for educational purposes, communication of a theme or story.

The intention is also that people can enjoy scented art, be aware that this form of art exists and inspire other artists to integrate scent into their artworks. Also used in tattoo and piercing studios to present their nose jewelry.